Blendin Replacement Blender Blade, Fits Cuisinart SPB-456-2

Blades made of Stainless Steel
Fits most Cuisinart blenders
Includes gasket
Hand wash

Fits Cuisinart blenders models BFP-703.
This is the cutting blade.
This is an aftermarket Cuisinart replacement part, CB-18, SPB-3, SPB-7.

Top Quality; Generic Aftermarket Part - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Replacement Charcoal
Water Filters Specially Designed For Cuisinart Coffeemakers Removes: Chlorine; Odors;
Calcium and Other Impurities Before Brewing These Replacement Filters Will Meet Or Exceed
Original Performance Standards Easy To Install Requires Replacing Every 60 Days Includes: 24
Water Filters Measures: 1 13/16`` x 1 1/8`` x 13/16`` (1 Filti> Fits Model: Cuisinart SS-7

Cuisinart Parts

Blendin SPB-456-2B Blender Cutting Assembly, Fits Cuisinart PowerBlend Duet (BFP-10CH)

1 Cuisinart Blender Blade SPB-456-2B
Full TRACKING Information to your doorstep
Gasket is Not Included.
Cutting Assembly for BFP-10CH

Compatible with all Cuisinart water filter holders,Replaces Part # DCC-RWF
Remove water impurities before brewing coffee
Replace after 60 days
Each filter individually bagged and sealed to ensure brand new quality
Pack of 4

Blendin Charcoal Water Filter, Fits Cuisinart Coffee Makers DCC-RWF (10 Pack)


Blendin Stainless Steel Blender Blade, Fits Cuisinart

Blendin Charcoal Water Filter, Compatible with All Cuisinart Coffee Makers DCC-RWF (4 Pack)

Blendin 24 Pack Charcoal Water Filters, Fits Cuisinart SS-700 Single Serve Coffee Makers

Pack of 10, Replaces Part # DCC-RWF